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Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Never Too Late To Watch The Sunset

It's never too late...


It's one of nature's greatest wonders.
No artist can truly capture its aura.
No film can reproduce its splendour.
Watch it alone or with a loved one.
Drink it in.
Feel humble but feel alive.
Be inspired by its magnificence. 

From the book "it's never too late" by Patrick Lindsay

This sunset photo was captured two weeks ago. We arrived home in time for the sun to set. It was a comforting sight after a long day at work.
This one was captured yesterday. We had a very rainy Saturday and then yesterday, the Sun decided to come out. But then it rained very hard again in the late afternoon. The sun shone amidst the rain and the sky was captivating. Yesterday also marked the last weekend of Summer in Sydney so I decided to capture what the sky looked like as another Summer season is about to end.