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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Sweeten Thy Soul" (Dinner & Desserts with Girlfriends)

Ended the month of January on a happy note as the Husband and I met up with good friends Meds and Charyn for dinner. 

The plan was to try out this family restaurant in Westmead but it turned out that they were closed for the evening due to an event (oh well, maybe next time). So we trooped down to Parramatta to have dinner there instead. Thanks to Charyn's suggestion, we got to try mouthwatering pizzas, a comforting risotto and a decadent sticky date pudding at Restaurant 317.

I started off with a refreshing glass of Mojitos with lots of fresh lime wedges. It was so hot that day and this made it all better. 
Got ourselves a Cheese and Olive Starter Pizza made of Provolone Cheese and Olive Tapenade.
For our mains, we had the Margherita Pizza and Italian Sausage Pizza.
All of us enjoyed the Chicken Risotto in creamy sauce, mushroom and shallots. I loved this.
The pizzas and risotto were very filling but we can resist but order their Sticky Date Pudding. It's too sweet for my liking but since there were four of us that shared this, it wasn't overwhelming. It had a lovely butterscotch sauce and delicious vanilla gelato which made the sticky date pudding more enjoyable.
 A few steps away from Restaurant 317 is Chocolateria San Churro, one of my favourite dessert places in Australia. We came here to have a hot Spanish chocolates and some churros. Our Spanish chocolates that night: the original and thick Classic Spanish chocolate, the Madrid Mocha which had a shot of espresso (I recommend this to coffee lovers) and the nutty Avellana which has a hazelnut flavour.
"Sweeten thy Soul" is what you see in every cup at Chocolateria San Churro. Very fitting phrase to describe why it's important to me to be with loved ones. As good food nourishes the body, it is the people we love who feed our soul. :)

Restaurant 317
317 Church Street, Parramatta
Phone: 1300 317 317

Chocolateria San Churro
287 Church Street, Parramatta
Phone: 02 9633 1566