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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Christmas In July Celebration

This may sound corny or ridiculous to some but since Winter falls from June to August in the southern hemisphere, there is such a thing called "Christmas in July. In countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, some people get together for a "Christmas in July" celebration to have that Christmas feel during winter. 

I learned about "Christmas in July" when I moved in Sydney . The concept was introduced to me by girlfriends who thought that we should come together for a Christmas-inspired meal. No giving of gifts, no fancy trimmings, just pure love for food and togetherness. We have made it a tradition and look forward to it every Winter. While my friends and I always catch up often during lunch/dinner/coffee/parties/special occasions, our Christmas in July celebrations are a bit special because we make sure there's Baked Ham on the table.
The truth was we almost skipped our "Christmas in July" celebration this year. I was semi-hibernating and busy at work. Our weekends are compromised as the Husband and I are working on web design projects. Our other friends also had things going for them. The only solution was to take a day-off during the week and fortunately, a few of us were able to get a day-off on a Thursday.

We were blessed with lovely sunny weather and a table laden with delicious food. We had Baked Ham, Beef Bulgogi, Fried Chicken and Salads. Dessert was this beautiful Mocha Roll (that tasted exactly like Goldilocks) created by our friend and ice cream on chocolate cups. 

Instead of dinner, we opted to get together for lunch so we can spend the day out in sun and play with the kids. 

I love that there is such as thing as "Christmas in July" and I'm glad that it's a valid occasion here in Australia. It's the kind of Christmas that I like where all you have to do is share a plate of food and just be there for the people you love. It's also a wonderful excuse to get together in the middle of Winter and feel the warmth that genuine friendship brings. 

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