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Friday, November 8, 2013

October on Ibyangram

Ibyang + Instagram = Ibyangram
While my instagram photos are shared on my twitter page and sometimes on my tumblr and fb page, I would like to have a monthly dump of ibyangrams on AWCL too. It is thru instagram that I share everyday moments and random finds. I use instagram as my real time mini-blog. Every end of the month, I'll be choosing a couple of photos from my instagram and share it here because I have something more to say about a certain ibyangram.
My Ibyangrams are back!!! You probably thought I'd forget about my Ibyangrams for the month of October but I just won't let that happen. The first week of November have quickly zoomed in BUT better late than never is what I say.

My October was hectic, challenging, fun and very happy. 

The start of October had me sick with tonsilitis and flu. Not a great combination, I tell you. It was a terrible time as I panicked that I won't be well enough to prepare for my Mom's arrival. But thankfully, the antibiotics kicked in soon enough. I got my affairs in order and our home ready for my Mom's vacation.

Work has grown incredibly busy and it seems I will be running training programs until Christmas (!!!). I'm under a lot of pressure in getting all tasks accomplished but I've embraced the "hectic-ness" of it all and have decided to let go of things that irritate me and just focus on getting work done. 

Exciting times at the family front as my Mom arrived from Manila to vacation in Sydney for six weeks. She's the first one to arrive from overseas as our clan will have a little reunion of sorts this month.

For the rest of how my October was like, here are some Ibyangrams which I hope you enjoy...

A Love Package From My Parents. Received so many gifts from the parentals which included lots of clothes from Uniqlo, rubber stamps and Lori Baltazar's book entitled "Dessert Comes First". 
Sunday Mornings. Having coffee with the Husband on the balcony of our home.
Tonsilitis and Flu Attack. Changing of seasons have to flu and inflammed tonsils. Doctor's orders: lots of rest, fluid and drink my antibiotics on time. 

Better on Friday. Felt stronger by end of the week so after my doctor's check-up, the Husband took me to our usual brunch place and shared a bagel. Grateful for the Husband who took a day-off so he can accompany to the doctor.
Picked up a few Pink Things right after that coffee and bagel. I found a cute iPhone case for only AUD$5.00, some washi tapes and a pretty pouch also for AUD$5.00.
A Small Pot of Kimchi Ramyeon for Two. Our default meal whenever we're too lazy to cook lunch on a Saturday.
Our first Halo-Halo this warm season. After a heatwave-ish day, we can't help but indulge in Halo-Halo, a Filipino dessert made of ice shavings, beans, jelly, sweet beans and leche flan (some add Ube and Ice Cream too). 
Appreciated. One of my trainees gifted me with a bouquet of Hyacinth flowers. They smell sweet and reminds me so much of the Philippines' Sampaguita.

Orange Skies Due to Bushfires. The warm weather is indeed upon us. As temperatures soared between 33-38 degrees, certain parts of Australia are susceptible to bushfires. It's devastating and scary. A thousand homes were affected and several families were displaced in evacuation centres. Not a happy time down under. 
The Sun, Fiery Pink. Still due to bushfires that resulted to haze which made the atmosphere looked smoky and deep Pink. The Sun looked and beautiful but it's a reminder that things aren't well for some. 
"Naiibang Manila. There's No Place Like Home." Is what this poster from Papemelroti says. I finally framed it! 
A Colourful Visitor. I heard a bird "singing" on the balcony and when I came out, I found a colourful bird resting on our balcony. It was kind enough to let me take its photo. 
Grandma and Her New Sewing Machine. This was one afternoon where she taught me how to cook "Ginataang Hipon at Kalabasa" afterwhich we helped her set up her new sewing machine. It's looks so pretty. 
Justice Gundam. My cousin has a hug collection of Gundam robots and this pink one called Justice Gundam is my favourite from the lot.
My Mom's here!!! :) Happy times for me and our family.
UCC Coffee and HOP. Thoughtfulness in the guise of my favourite things, all thanks to my dear friend, Hazel. While I was aware that she will be sending over one of my favourite coffees in the world, I didn't know that she'd also throw in a box of HOP (House of Polvoron) goodies. It was a yummy surprise that the Husband and I enjoyed and savoured. 
Patbingsu. Korea's version of the Halo-Halo, only that their ingredients are made of ice shavings, red beans, cereal, little mochis and ice cream. My reward for going thru a 3-day work week where I squeezed in 5 days worth of workload. 
Hello there, classy-looking silver 5S! Ended my two-year 4S contract so I renewed and chose the iPhone 5S. It's much faster, has better camera capabilities and the battery stays longer than my 4S. I'm happy with it. 
Royce Nama Au Lait and TWG's Silver Moon Tea. Whenever my Mom comes here, she brings a few of our Royce favourites. These are two of my favourite indulgences and I'm glad I got to have them together, once in a while.
Sunset Watching. One Saturday afternoon when we hung out on the balcony and played with our fisheye lenses. 

That's a little peek in my October. I will share some of my time spent with my Mom in a few blog posts soon. 

Now I can finally say...hello November!