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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ramen Burgers, The Hightlight Of Our Night Noodle Markets Adventure

I have a thousand food and travel experiences in 2013 that I'd like to share and this month, I plan to do just that. So here's what I planned to do. I will publish these 2013 experiences in real time but in a few days, I will archive the posts in its correct month. If you'd like to find a certain topic, you can always type in what you're looking for via the search engine on the top left of this blog. 

October is Good Food Month in Sydney and one of the foodie events we always visit is the Night Noodle Markets. The Husband and I saw this as an opportunity for my Mom to also experience this event. 

The highlight of our Night Noodle Markets experience is trying out the Ramen Burger. I've read about this kind of burger which came out in America (a link was sent to me by a tweetheart) and has piqued the interest of us here in Australia. A Ramen Burger is basically a burger with noodles as the bun.

I found the queue to getting the Ramen Burger at On Ramen. The line was long. And the wait longer. At one time, all of us waited in silence as the staff announced that they're not taking orders because of too much demand but we can still wait in line. So we waited. My expectations were low but since I was there and I had time to spare, I stayed in line. 
I ordered two kinds of Ramen Burger: Pork Belly Burger and Beef Burger. Both came with salad and a few slices of watermelon. Beef and pork belly were good! It was juicy and flavourful. The pork belly has a bit of spice so I immensely enjoyed it. The noodles as bun was messy and a bit oily, which was not a surprise. The Husband, my Mom and I shared these two burgers.
The beauty of food festivals is getting to try other dishes from different vendors. We usually get dimsums and spring rolls.
And then we bought Ippudo's Pork Belly Pork Buns so my Mom can try it. These pork buns are love. A must try when you encounter Ippudo.
The lanterns they set up on the entrance to Night Noodle Markets served as an attraction to everyone. Lots of people taking photos of and with the lanterns. 

The Night Noodle Markets 2013 turned out to to be one of our memorable ones because we got to share it with my Mom.