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Friday, July 20, 2007

Calls From 4 Different Places, My Lindt White

5:40am - My beloved from Dubai called for a short chitchat, according to him he was trying to get sleepy. We talked about some bank tsismis (we used to work for a bank in Makati but we're updated with banking industry gossip because we keep in touch with our friends)--hah! What a conversation. Nag-tsismisan lang kami.

8:00am - I called my mom to say happy birthday! (i love you mommy, happy birthday again!). My mom's itinerary today was to hang out at Megamall with my mother-in-law. Oh ha? Bonding ang magbalae. Very happy to know that my mom found a friend in Chris' mom. I'm so blessed with a very kind and generous mother-in-law, she extends her love for me to my family. I'm so lucky to have her for a mother-in-law.

10:30am - My cousin Nicky from Japan called to tell me that he and his fiancee are fine. Due to a recent earthquake in Japan, the whole clan was worried. Thank God they're unharmed. We talked for awhile, updated him with our plans of travel. If things go well in the future, we will visit them soon in Japan. *Sana, sana, sana matuloy talaga*

11:15am - My friend Larry called me because he was bored (haha). Usapang photography at videography naman ito. Entertaining and educational at the same time.

Don't you feel so alive when someone calls you? I mean how many people really do that nowadays? Call you for no special reason???

This morning, I was feeling a bit sentimental because I'm not in Manila for my mom's birthday BUT since I was able to talk to her and I received three calls today, I feel as if it's my birthday too! :) Today, these were my gifts.

On a lighter note, I also celebrated my mom's birthday today--here in Sydney. On my way to work, I stopped by the grocery store and bought myself a Lindt White Chocolate (my most favorite chocolate in the world). I will eat my Lindt til tomorrow in celebration of our 6th wedding monthsary --double celebration, 1 chocolate bar! Cost-effective! :P

In my own little way and in my heart, I get to celebrate with my loved ones even in spirit.