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Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Lesson on Hotel Hunting

When asking a hotel attendant if their standard rooms have windows, you might also want to ask if it opens.

I have a participant in training that’s particularly claustrophobic and would like to have windows in the room and preferably, windows that open.

So I called hotel number 1 and asked, “Does your standard rooms have windows?”

And she answered, “Yes we do have windows inside the rooms but it doesn’t open”.

So obviously, their windows are just for decoration????

And then came the offer, “but we do have rooms with balcony that you have to pay an extra $45.00”

Wow! Okay sa marketing diba?

Anyway, I called hotel number 2, and the hotel attendant almost laughed (I swear he was about to) when I asked, “But does your windows open?”

Fortunately, yes!

Today, I learned a lesson on hotel hunting and my trainee will now have a place to stay.