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Friday, March 21, 2008

Book: Happy Housewives by Darla Shine

If you're ever wondering what to expect if you become a Stay-at-home Mom or what to do in case you are already experiencing being one or simply wanting to know the reasons why it's not so bad being a housewife---then this book is for you!

In the cover of the book, it says:

I Was a Whining, Miserable, Desperate Housewife--But I Finally Snapped Out of It...You Can, Too!

The author was once a television producer who chose to leave work when she got pregnant with her first baby. At first she was a desperate housewife--ungrateful of her lovely home, stable family life and loving husband--until she snapped out of it and became a happy housewife.

In her book, she shared 10 easy steps towards becoming a happy housewife:

  1. Please stop whining!
  2. Be proud! Being an At-Home Mom is the most important job
  3. Stop looking like a housewife
  4. Make your marriage a priority
  5. Bond with your home
  6. Get back in the kitchen
  7. Keep your girlfriends
  8. Make time for yourself
  9. Don't take it all too seriously
  10. Don't wish for someone else' problems

A good read especially to housewives that need that morale boost or to those wanting to know what's on the other side of the fence if you are wondering how it's gonna be if you shift from careerwoman wife to housewife. This book will somehow ease a lot of anxiety worries you have.

A warning to Careerwoman Wifeys and Moms: The author is not subtle when it comes to telling us that the place of the Wife/Mom is in the home. At first I found it annoying how she was putting housewives on a pedestal of some sort and somehow making the Careerwoman Wives/Moms like they're doing something wrong by choosing to juggle home and work life. On the basis that she had experienced being on both fences, I forgive her, however, nowadays some families need that both parents are working (not all women have a Senior Vice President of a TV network for a husband like her) and most women who manage a home and work at the same time are really really good at juggling things.

Overall it is a good book and very very helpful not only to housewives--it should be read by all wives and moms because it gives you better perspectives in being a wife and mom per se and the 10 steps she shared are definitely not only for housewives but also for all the wives and mommies (or even future wifeys) out there.


This book was a gift to me by my friend Michelle on my last birthday. This book was an eye-opener and very helpful in NOT becoming a desperate wife (regardless whether you're working or not). On the birthday card that came with the book, Michelle wrote:

"Here's a book which I thought would help you with the housewife role you'll be in the future maybe."

I certainly agree that one day soon maybe I would become a housewife, who knows? One thing is for sure, I won't ever trample on Careerwoman Wifeys/Mommies out there in case I become a happy housewife. All Wifeys/Mommies deserve all the respect in the world whether working or not.