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Monday, June 23, 2008

Dinner at Pepper Lunch

Just because I wanted to unwind after work tonight (I had to deal with someone else' work {read:problems} today at the office that left me officially exhausted), it was a toss between going to the Apple Store or having early dinner at Pepper Lunch...of course, Pepper Lunch won! The Apple Store can wait, my craving for Pepper Lunch can't hehehe.

This time we ordered the "Hitokuchi" Cut for Chris....

and "Shimofuri" Pepper for me.

While finishing up, I noticed the the hole on Pepper Lunch's chairs was actually Pepper Lunch's logo:

One of these days I'm gonna tell husband to make us a logo, so that when we have our dream home we can personalize our chairs hahahaha. Husband will probably say "Ang jologs mo talaga!".