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Monday, November 24, 2008


Busy and pre-occuppied last week, we decided to eat in last Thursday and celebrate our 22nd wedding monthsary at home. I baked Barramundi fish and cooked Broccoli with Oyster Sauce especially for our little milestone.

Today, we continued our quiet celebration by paying a visit to St. Mary's Cathedral after work and had a cheap dinner of KFC and Spinach Canneloni at Myer.

My husband and I can talk about anything under the sun--may it be stupid, trivial or intellectual. As we walked out of St. Mary's Cathedral, we saw three newlywed couples (in their Bride and Groom attire) having their post-nuptial pictorial outside the church. The husband and I smiled at one of the couple. And I can't help but giggle too. It reminded us of how it was for us when we got married. Whenever I see a couple in their pre-nuptial or post-nuptial shoots I can't help but gush for them, I love love love seeing people inlove, i love seeing people getting married. :)

Anyway, going back to my husband and I being able to talk of anything under the sun. After seeing those three newlywed couples, I asked the Husband that if we'd ever have the chance to do it (prepare for a wedding and get married) again, would we ever do it??? We paused for a moment and we both answered, "No". And then we laughed.

It's not that we regret being married to each other (I think it's too early for that har har), but to prepare for a wedding again??? We would gladly say "No" even if you pay for us to plan another wedding.

The thing was when we planned our wedding...when we had the wedding, we gave it our all. We cherished every minute of every hardwork we put into that once -in-a-lifetime celebration. In our eyes, it was as perfect as it could be and we can never ask for anything more.

And the reality is, right after the honeymoon, you can never really think much of your wedding simply because you are happy being a husband or a wifey to your partner. And I guess that's what we are now, happy being who we are to each other. Weddings may have been fun and memorable but married life is so much better.