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Monday, January 19, 2009

A More Relaxed and Light Travel

Husband and I are going on a short trip tomorrow and for the first time, we are traveling light.

Define traveling light. We are only bringing 1 DSLR with a Flash, 1 Point and Shoot Cam, 1 Tripod and 1 Handycam. We won't be bringing a 2nd DSLR, our Lomography cameras and...(drum roll please)...the laptop!!!! When I realized we won't be bringing the laptop, I'd have to admit that I felt kinda scared. I can live without the internet but I'm worried about not being able to download our photos as soon as we arrive in the hotel after a long day of exploring and shooting. That's just me being paranoid hehe.

However, the Husband and I have agreed that it's about time that we do a more relaxed and light traveling (a.k.a. not bringing all our gadgets) for once. Ang una ngang dare ay wag magdala ng DSLR, point and shoot lang. But with the kind of P&S we own right now, hindi umubra.

Why are we doing this? Simply because, we've been wanting to have a vacation wherein we won't have too much "photographing" to do. Our travels in 2008 were very well-documented and well-organized that we explored and took photographs of every corner of every place. But this time, we are looking forward to a more relaxed vacation--in the sense that we won't have to click the camera every minute and we won't have to be stressing too much on packing gears whenever we go out. I swear, hindi talaga biro ang mag-travel na may photography ka pang iniisip.

A more relaxed vacation also means that we don't have much of an agenda on this trip. We have two scheduled dinners (one was because we needed to reserve and the second was we're meeting a friend) and a musical to watch (which we needed to buy tickets in advance). Other than that, we don't have any planned itinerary---I don't even have an idea where we'll have my birthday dinner! The only plan we have is that WE WILL FOLLOW OUR SENSES, wherever our feet takes us, whenever we see something that will interest us, that's where will go.

And guess what? It's already 5:00pm now and we're leaving tomorrow and I haven't packed anything yet. Since we won't be gone long, we won't be bringing much clothes too. The only thing I got ready right now are our tickets and booking confirmations for the trip. Yay me for being so relaxed! hehe.