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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun-filled Valentine Weekend

Husband and I never really celebrate Valentine. Based on our "Valentine history", it's the occassion that we never really think about and which we almost always spend with family and/or friends. I think the only time we really made an effort was on our very first Vday--that was in 2003. We had to watch a Boyz II Men concert because we were given tickets (which was one of the coolest gifts we have received in our couple life). The following years after that, we either get-together with my parents for dinner or hang out with our friends. Vday was never an exclusive thing for us.

It was a normal day for us on Saturday, only that the Husband surprised me with a gift at 12 midnight. I was embarrasingly amused hehe. I didn't have a gift for him. I never thought he would get me something.
Anyway, the highlight of our was day was the Vday party our friend organized. Since our circle of friends have not seen each other for a while, we decided to celebrate Vday together.
On Saturday night, we met up at a friend's place, shared yummy food and lots of laughter.
We also played couples games...and Wii!!!! We played Guitar Hero and an array of Sports games: Tennis, Baseball and Bowling.
Husband and I pretending to be rockers
On Sunday, I prepared a small feast for way of making up for not getting him a gift. I cooked Penne Spaghetti and my own version of Creamy Baked Potato.
So how was your Vday weekend?
For more photos of our party, click here.