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Monday, February 2, 2009

Roger Federer

He was so happy during the semi-finals...

...but this morning (the finals lasted till nearly 1am), it was painful to see him give in to his emotions and let the tears out. It was remarkably admirable though to see one of the greatest tennis players in humble acceptance of his loss--such a gentleman. Australia was deeply saddened when Federer lost what could've been his 4th Australian Open, his 14th major title and a chance to probably regaining his Number 1 position in the Men's Tennis. Nevertheless, win or lose, he is still a champion and a legend. He's already made history and no one can take away what he has done in the world of tennis.

As for Rafael Nadal, I'm not yet a fan in the way that I am a Federer fan--wala pa sa level na ganun hehe...but I don't mind Rafa being the number 1, he fights well and has a heart, like Federer, so maybe in the years to come, I would become a Nadal fan.

As for me, eto wala pa akong tulog. After the game and awarding, I was so sad, I can't sleep---ganun ako ka-bothered hehehe. During the day, it was so hard to concentrate working because (1) I was so sleepy and (2) I kept exchanging emails with Ara and Chloe because we were analyzing the dynamics of the Federer-Nadal game. Kaloka!

However, we were all relieved too that the Aussie Open finally ended dahil two weeks na kaming puyat!!!!

Oh well, it was a great Australian Open this year. Lots of players that stood out, lots of surprises. Hopefully next year, it will be better.

To those who are planning to watch the Australian Open in the coming years, I highly recommend it because I swear, no country does Tennis tournaments the way Australia does. I'm not even being biased about this. I know someone who came from another country just to watch this year (and who is more of a tennis fan than I am) and said that the crowd here in Australia is so much better than any other crowd all over the world. Another friend has even vouched that in some tennis tournaments, the crowd's boring that's why tennis players love playing in the Aussie Open. All I can say is, Australia is a country who loves sports and who oreganizes events almost perfectly--and I think that alone is good basis.