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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

27th at Starbucks

It's been a looooongggg while since we've celebrated our monthsary in Starbucks.

Last Monday was an accidental date...a "nakaw na sandali"...a few minutes of "us" time. Husband and I are so busy these days, we've only been having dessert dates lately (last month, we dropped by Max Brenner and had Belgian Waffles before going home).

There was no plan to go out really but we had to drop off some stuff at a friend's place in Mt Druitt. Then I remembered my cuzin mentioned something about a Starbucks branch there that she goes to to have late night coffee. Chris and I decided to check it out.

We arrived 30 minutes before closing. We just ordered hot chocolates for both of us. The barista added a big marshmallow on top, guess she was feeling generous.

The funny thing about this "date" was that we were both comfortably silent the whole time we were there. We were both just sipping our hot chocolates and stared at stuff such as this wall behind him.

I guess we're just really tired from all the gimiks we've been going to. Nevertheless, we enjoyed celebrating our monthsary in a familiar place, enveloped in the warmth and aroma of Starbucks' hot chocolate.