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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!

May the celebration of Easter bring brighter and happier beginnings for you!

Cheers to renewed




This is my happiest Easter in Australia as this year I have my Husband and Parents to celebrate this season with. I'm glad that with the three days, I was able to spend time with God, some time with family and some time for reflection.

Snippets of our Easter 2009:

Thursday night (10 April 2009). Dinner with our relatives and then together with family friends, we all went out to five churches to do the Bisita Iglesia. In each church we visited, we said about 2-3 Stations of the Cross.

Friday (10 April 2009). Attended the Stations of Cross at St. Patrick's Church. It was re-enacted so it was more touching and meaningful.
Saturday (11 April 2009). Road trip to Canberra. Whole day spent with my parents as we took them to the Canberra, the capital of Australia.
Explored miniature gardens in Cockington Green
At the peak of the Telstra Tower

Visit to Australia's Parliament House...

...and the Royal Australian Mint (where Australian Money is made!).
Sunday (12 April 2009). Easter!!!!!!! We attended mass in the morning then spent the whole afternoon at the Mendoza's place where we held our annual Easter Egg Hunting.
Which resulted to lots and lots of chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs.
Happy Easter!!!! Hope everyone had a lovely time!