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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Windy Day at Blue Mountains

Yes, we were at the Blue Mountains again :), this time we took my parents.

It was a very windy in "it-almost-tear-off-our-ears" windy. Notice how the trees swayed left as the wind blew hard.

Made my parents so cold, felt very winter for them.

We had to make them stay indoors every 15-20 minutes, give their body a rest from the cold wind outdoors.

I was very cold myself but that never stopped me from wanting to take photographs. So during one of their "indoor" break, I went out by myself and took photos of trees changing their colors.

Ahhhh, the beauty that is Autumn.

We had lunch at the Revolving Restaurant in Scenic World. The buffet costs about AUD$26.++ per adult which includes soup, salad, mains, dessert and coffee & tea...and the best view anyone can ever have when having lunch in Katoomba, Blue Mountains.

Another beautiful day in Blue Mountains.