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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Deep Seafood and Oyster Bar at the Sydney Fish Market

The Sydney Fish Market is a seafood lover's haven. Sydneysiders and tourists flock this place to have a taste of Australia's freshest seafood produce.

Located at the entrance of the Fish Market, a neat-looking restaurant called Deep Seafood and Oyster Bar will welcome you. It offers a wide array of cooked (for those who want to dine in) and uncooked (for those wanting to buy a bargain) seafood.

My Husband and I like the ambience of the restaurant because it is clean and there's no foul odor from fish, etc. even if you're eating in the midst of uncooked seafood. The place is well-lighted and there are two big wide screen TVs for entertainment. Customers can also dine al fresco as tables and chairs are placed outside the resto.

Now let's start with the food, shall we?

Australia's known for Fish 'n Chips because they simply are the best. It is almost always one of the food we order when we hang out in the City. Deep Seafood and Oyster Bar has one of the cheapest Fish n' Chips for only AUD$7.50. Just one of these deep-fried Barramundi Fish is enough to satisfy one's appetite, not to mention the abundance of Chips (a.k.a. fries) on the side. It comes with a delicious small pack of Tartare sauce to serve as dip for the fish.

The main reason why I love dining at the Fish Market is because I love lobsters!!!! And it's here at Deep Seafood, you can buy cooked lobster for only AUD$19.00. Twice, I have ordered Deep Seafood's very succulently cheesy Lobster Mornay, oozing with buttery juice. I love it especially that it has a siding of salad and chips. Very filling and satisfying.

Oysters at Deep Seafood are abundant as well. I tried their Oysters Kilpatrick for only AUD$2.50/piece. Seeing the photo below, you can say that it's bacon overload!!! Yes, those are bacon on top of the oysters. Lovely to look at, but sinfully delicious. Rawr!

My seafood pig-out will never be complete without the Scallops, so I also ordered two pieces of Scallops Mornay (AUD$3.00/piece).

They also offer rice, so yay!!! Together with rice we ordered Salt 'n Pepper Calamari. I like eating small Calamari (most Calamaris here are big) because they're easier to chew.

Husband and I also shared a Salmon skewer, very juicy. At first bite, you can taste the freshness of the Salmon.

Deep Seafood also offers several seafood packs that you can share with a partner or the whole family. Prices of the meal packages start at AUD$12.00. If your Tartare sauce is not enough, you can buy additional packs for only AUD$1.00/piece. We usually buy two to three packs and bring it home.

There are a lot more cafes/restaurants at the Sydney Fish Market. One of these days, we'll visit again and try them too.

Have you been to any Fish Market in any part of the world? If so, what are your favorite seafood dishes?