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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Husband Turns 30! :D

Happy happy birthday to my beloved Husbandski! :)

My beloved, the love of my life,

On your special day, I just want to thank you for being one of the greatest blessings in my life. Your presence has made me doubly happy and you have gifted me with so much peace in this lifetime. In our fun and sometimes crazy journey as partners in this thing called Marriage, you always bring out the best in me. Thank you! With you, I am never without love.

Happy birthday Husbandski. May all you wish for come true. Love love love YOU.

For the past years, gift giving between me and the Husband during special occassions usually occur before or after THE day. A simple reason is that on THE day, we'd like to focus on the celebration of the occassion. We'd like to focus on spending time with people that matter to us or find joy in the simple things that we'd like to do on special days---because that is what truly matters.

So today, we celebrated my Husband's birthday by:

  • Attending mass to celebrate with God the blessing of this beautiful day
  • Having breakfast at a cafe
  • Watching "Up" in the was the first day of showing and it was fortunate that the playdate of "Up" in Australia is today.
  • Eating Yum Cha for lunch
  • Having dinner with our kapamilya.
  • Just being TWOgether.

Thank you to all our family, relatives and friends who remembered. Chris sends his appreciation to all of you. We are truly touched by your good wishes.

Will upload photos soon.