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Friday, December 18, 2009

I Embrace Boredom

That was my mantra yesterday. I've been off work for two weeks and as much as I'm grateful that I'm given a chance to recuperate in peace (no calls from the office about work), I miss being productive and on-the-go.
How do you know when I'm bored at home? I practice putting make-up. And that's what I did yesterday.


During school holidays (high school and college), when I'm bored at home, putting make-up on is one of my past times. Yesterday, I guess I was really bored. For the first time in a long while I practiced putting eyeliner on top of my eyelids. I was trying to achieve the smoky look. I'm not sure I achieved that...but one thing I found out is that dark gray eyeliners make my eyes browner. Sorry about the photo, poor lighting inside our room and I haven't cleaned mirrors for some time (that's the white blotches). I just realized now that I should've just used the point & shoot camera.

In the afternoon, I had this for afternoon tea.

Cheese and olives. Nilagay ko pa sa toothpick eh pwede ko namang kainin straight from wherever they came from. That's how bored I was hehe.

Today's my last day on sick leave. Next week, I start work. I'm having mixed feelings about it. I'm really grateful I was given time off to recuperate (with pay hehe) but a part of me miss being "me". I'm afraid to admit that I miss work but I do miss it. And I miss going out!!!!

Husband's coming home early from work today and he's taking me to see "Avatar" as a reward for being a good girl. Yay!