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Monday, January 11, 2010

Tweetmates in Sydney

Our recent Christmas and New Year holidays were doubly special due to Plurkmates and Tweetmates (as in Twitter) who visited Sydney.

Lui visited Sydney to watch Mamma Mia! with her mom and so we met up with them a day after new year. My friendship with Lui started in Plurk. When Chris and I honeymooned in Melbourne in January 2009, we met up with her. Since then, we have messaged each other in Plurk and Twitter and exchanged text and email messages. And when she informed me that they will be visiting Sydney, I knew we had to meet! We had a very long lunch at Darling Harbour. The Husband and I were so happy to see her and meet her mom.

Lui and Ivy in Darling Harbour

It was in Plurk that I met Jo and Pen. We met up in 2008 and I've been good friends with them since then. We've had coffee and breakfast dates when we have time. It's such a blessing too that we all live in the Metro West of Sydney, very convenient.

From plurking, we have moved on to twitting more often and somehow we have formed a Tweet-barkada together with Ajay, Bigenya and Taytaybulls (who also lived in Sydney). Ajay from Singapore and Bigenya from Manila visited Sydney over Christmas holidays and so before they left, we had one big party!

From left to right: Bigenya, Jo, Ajay, Ibyang, Pen and Taytaybulls
(click on our names for our twitter page)

The gift of technology is truly amazing, especially when used in a good way. I have never, in my wild imagination, thought that I would be meeting so many wonderful people thru the blogosphere, whom I'm now sharing meaningful friendships with.