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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Don't Panic

The first two words that my Husband said to me this morning was...

Woke up an hour late because I forgot to turn on the alarm of my mobile phone. For some reason, I somehow disabled the alarm yesterday instead of enabling it. I think I was too tired and sleepy last night I wasn't thinking straight anymore.

When I opened my eyes, it was already 7am! So I sat up and nudged the Husband to tell him that we've slept in. All he said was, "Don't panic" like there was an emergency or something. It amused me amidst the shock of waking up late.

Good thing I always get everything ready the night before I retire to bed: our clothes for work, bags and lunch boxes (they're inside the fridge so we just have to take them out and put into our bags). I also get our breakfast ready on the table: bowls with spoons and cereal boxes so that all we have to do is bring out the milk, pour it in and eat. It takes awhile for me to rest after dinner because I get everything ready. Other than it has become a habit for me, it's a good safety net for days when things are running late.

So there's really nothing to panic about, and we really didn't, but I appreciated my Husband's first two words this morning. Maybe he was also shocked so his instinct was to say "Don't panic" so both of us will come out of the shock as calmly as we could.

The truth of the matter is, there is no logical reason to panic. We love going to work early so we normally wake up before 6AM. However, our work actually lets us come in late (we can come in as late as 10:30AM) but we like being early at work so we can also come home early. And if we do get late for work, so what? It is not the end of the world and it is very seldom that we're late for work anyway (in my case, never...yet), we're pretty sure our respective offices will understand.

What also helped was the public transportation here in Sydney tries their best to be on time. It's not perfect, anyone who lives here know that, but public transport here have a timetable they try to follow. Most of the time I'm grateful that they are efficient and I'm glad today nothing happened in order for the trains and buses to get delayed (at least in my area).

Running late can make us crazy in the morning. But what saved us this morning are two wonderful words spoken by my Husband, the practice of preparing for early morning rush and public transport that thankfully didn't get delayed.

Hope everyone's having a great Thursday...TGIT!!!

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