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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Husband Has Voted

I was surprised to know that my Husband already voted and sent his Official Ballot to the Philippine Consulate on Wednesday afternoon. I thought he would leave it to the last minute but other than being excited and hopeful, he wanted his vote to count.


For registered Filipino voters here in Australia, the deadline is today at 8:00PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time), so I hope everyone who registered can make it.
To all of us Filipinos all over the world, voting or not voting, let's all pray for a fair and peaceful elections. Good luck to us all.

12 May 2010, 8:13AM (Australian Time): 
I forgot to mention but a few people asked if I voted.  I didn't vote because as of now, I am an Australian Citizen.  Maybe one day, I would be able to vote again once I acquire dual citizenship.