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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Cupcake Tower for an 18th Birthday

My Husband and I are still glowing with joy from the success of my cousin's 18th birthday bash.  Last night was the culmination of two weeks of hard work.  My Husband and I were asked to cook Menudo and bake cupcakes for the party.  Other than helping out in the food, we were also in-charged of creating an AVP for the debutant and to officially cover the event.

I will share my story and photos of the event on another time.  I still haven't shared two events we have covered: a wedding in May and a christening a week ago.  I believe I should share them first before jumping to another event.  Our photography journey is becoming exciting by the day and I really would love to document everything as I know in the future, I will be coming back to my writings for learning and inspiration.

In the meantime, let me share with you the cupcakes we especially made for my cousin's debut. 
Since this is a debut, we decided to create a simple, sweet and classic design. 

Sunshine Cupcakes by Chris & Ivy

We bought these cute little rose icing decors and pink & white fairy bitz.  The rose icing decors came in three different colours: pink, white and yellow.  We made two cupcake flavours this time: vanilla and chocolate.  We only used silver foils with white paper inside to hold our cupcakes.  Since this was for a debut we wanted our cupcakes to have a more classy look.

Sunshine Cupcakes by Chris & Ivy

We invested in a 6-tier cupcake stand for better presentation.  Our stand can hold up to 22 cupcakes.

Sunshine Cupcakes by Chris & Ivy


On the topmost cupcake, I put the rose icing decor on the side and placed one silver candle.

Sunshine Cupcakes by Chris & Ivy

My cousin had two blowing-of-cake portions during the party.  One was solely with her friends and so we used the Cupcake Tower for that.  The second blowing-of-cake portion was with her big tradional cake as she was surrounded by all the guests.

Sunshine Cupcakes by Chris & Ivy

We made 3 batches of cupcakes which equaled to 36 pieces.  We were told by guests that they loved our cupcakes and we can't be happier. 

To our dear cousin Rachel, we hope you had a great time on your 18th birthday. We are so happy to be a part of it.  We love you!