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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Love: White Chocolate

I don't eat chocolates everyday and I seldom have sweet cravings but I do love chocolates from time to time.  My favorite from all the chocolates are white chocolates.  My Husband usually tease me and say, "You seldom eat chocolates but you eat the unhealthiest chocolate of all." (hehe).  That's true because white chocolates only contain cocoa butter and no cocoa solids.  My Husband (the chocoholic), on the other hand, loves dark chocolates and takes pride that he loves the healthiest chocolate.

The good thing about my love for chocolates is that I can live without them for a long time.  However, one of my "security blankets" at home is to always have white chocolate in the pantry.  I don't need to eat them, I just need to know that they exist inside our home and I will feel no fear (LOL). 

I'm always on the quest to finding the yummiest white chocolate but I do have three favorites at the moment.

Lindt's Lindor White Chocolate.  This is white chocolate heaven, so far the best white chocolate I've ever tasted.  It has a smooth centre that will ooze creaminess inside your mouth. 
Things I love: Lindt White Chocolate

Kit Kat White Chocolate.  The perfect Kit Kat break for me.  Biscuit covered in white chocolate is just so refreshing.

Things I Love: Kit Kat White Chocolate

Cadbury Dream Real White Chocolate.  Melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate. I love the super milky taste of this chocolate.

Things I Love: White Chocolate

Do you have any white chocolate favorites?