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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stop For A While

This Tuesday indulgence is brought to you by...
Magnum Minis

Magnum Minis
Magnum Minis on a winter's night! 

I don't know why but even if it's so freaking cold, all the more that I crave for ice cream or paddle pops.  And always I would crave for it in the afternoon or evening, when the weather's colder.  I guess I'm just weird like that.

When the weather is so icy cold, my mouth craves for cold delights.  I try to avoid it most of the time because eating ice cream at night usually results to tonsilitis or cough.  

But tonight, I just had to indulge on this blissful treat.  The moment I opened our freezer (I was supposed to take out some food for thawing but now I seriously forgot! gasp!) and saw the box waving hello at me, I gave in.  My defenses are low tonight as I had a long day at work.  This Magnum Minis (at least mini, hindi yung regular size hehe) are perfect as I sit back, relax,  and have my mini "me" time before I end my today and move on to things I have to do.

As I'm enjoying my dessert, let me share with you this quote and practice I learned from one of my favorite authors:
Make a practice of stopping every so often to simply be present to the present; what you see, what you smell, who is with you, how this moment feels physically and emotionally. - Victoria Moran

Everyday, I stop for a few minutes, indulge in a little silence, sometimes with food I love, and just enjoy the present. 

I stop for a while before I move on. 

I do this after spending quality time with a loved one whom I had coffee and good conversation with.  As I walk out of the scene that took place, I stop for a few seconds, utter a few words of gratitude and acknowledge the moment. 

I do this as I come out of the office, as I walk along the pavement, I'd literally stop and close my eyes for a few seconds and breathe.  With eyes closed, I mutter "Thank you for a productive day at work, I'm grateful for this moment that I'm now going home to be a wifey."  This is my way of leaving behind my work where it should be--in the office.  

When I arrive home, I have a few moments of silence before I turn on any electronic gadgets inside the house.  I savor the quiet as I sit down on our dining table and have a fruit or biscuit.  I stop for a few minutes before I'm caught up in my wifely duties.  After this breather, I'd feel revived and more inspired to cook.  And when the Husband comes home, he finds me a happy wife with an eager smile and warm embrace to welcome him home.

Tonight, I'm stopping for a little longer than usual because the next few days will be hectic.  My mom and I will be hanging out 'til she leaves for Manila on Saturday.  In preparation for her leaving, we will do a few more shopping and I will be doing a lot of packing for her.  I'm also preparing for her Despedida dinner on Friday night.  On top of that, I am also organizing a get-together/baby shower/prenatal shoot on Saturday.  It's busy, it's fun.  And even if I'll be busy, I'll surely find time to stop a while and cherish the moment I'm in.

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!  Smile!