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Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Things I Finally Got Around To Doing

Do you sometimes have things you really need to do or buy but put them off just because you're busy?  Who doesn't, right?  If you are a wife that work and manage a home and at the same time have no household help, your lists of "to-do" get longer if when your schedule gets pretty hectic.

I'm grateful that for the past months, the Husband has been very supportive of my busy workload at the office.  Some weekends, he does the groceries alone so I can stay home and have more time to rest.  Sometimes he does all my errands just so I can have more time to finish my deadlines.

These past three weekends, I decided to allot time for some some serious shopping.  Although, I have started buying Christmas gifts since June, it's about time to finish up my list and start wrapping up presents as we will be attending parties soon.  Plus, there are stuff for the home that needed to be bought or replaced (thank goodness for the Husband that take note of things like these right now!).

Replace bottle stoppers.  We realized of late that our bottle stoppers are of unreliable quality so when we found these bottle stoppers on sale, we bought them.
bottle stoppers

Replace Tefal Non-Stick Pans.  We've used our Tefal Non-Stick Pans for two years and it's about time we buy new ones.  The non-stick coat of our old ones had already dissociate (not good to use anymore) so we had to replace them. 
tefal pans

Buy Pasta Bowls.  Finally!!!!  I've been meaning to buy pasta bowls for like forever, I finally remembered to buy a few pieces.  We always have pasta once or twice a week so for three weeks now, we are now eating pasta dishes in proper dining ware.
our new pasta plates

Cook Fettuccine Carbonara.  As a way of saying "thank you!" to my Husband's for being my angel during my rough and tough days, the first pasta I cooked for when we used our pasta bowls was his favorite.  I love pasta in red sauces but I try to have a balance between cooking pasta in red and white sauces.
linguine carbonara

Sort out our Winter and Summer clothes.   At the start of November, we allot an hour or two every weekend just to sort out our wardrobe.  This is also the time of the year when we give out clothes to charity so some clothes we choose are to be given away.  I've taken out some of our summer clothes and put away the winter clothes.  This takes time so I do it phase by phase, and we finish this task by the end of December (because some weeks in December we don't really have time to do it).

I still have a few more things to do but I sure feel real good when I have some things ticked off my list.  

What are some things you have got around to doing lately?