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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

michaels Camera Museum (Melbourne, Australia)

I almost forgot about this wonderful experience of ours when we visited Melbourne in September but today I remembered to share it with you because what do you know?  I haven't finished sharing our Melbourne stories from our September rendezvous and here we are about to go there again TOMORROW!  How crazy wonderful is that?

One of the Husband's request for his birthday was to spend some time looking at cameras in Melbourne's camera haven.  This area is located in surrounding areas of Elizabeth and Lonsdale Streets.

We had a good walk along Elizabeth Street and entered one of the little streets near Lonsdale Street and found ourselves in photography gadgets heaven.  There are many stores here for your photography needs; whether vintage, new or second hand gadgets, there are lots to choose from.

Our great find that day was the michaels Camera which initially looked like a big store from the outside but turned out to be more on the inside.

We explored the ground floor and looked at everything we can get our hands on.  We didn't have plans of buying anything but we were on the lookout for sales.  They had a few containers full of polarizers and that's where I spent most of my time.  Their polarizers were on sale, some for only AUD$10.00.  I think I bought one or two.  The Husband on the other hand, spent ample time looking at films for our vintage Fujica camera and he was able to buy a few rolls.

We noticed that there was a floor above the store and so up we went to find the most amazing camera collection.  It was a Camera Museum!!!!!!  

WOW!!!!!! I've never been surrounded by so many cameras in my life! :)    Finding this place was such a happy accident.  Let me share with you a few photos that I took.  Some may be blurred because the cameras were inside glass cabinets.

michaels Camera

Here's the Canon exhibit.....

michaels Camera

Canon lenses....

michaels Camera

and a Canon flash.
michaels Camera

Here's the Nikon exhibit....
michaels Camera

They've got Olympus.

michaels Camera

Here's how vintage Olympus Pens looked like before.
michaels Camera

From Germany...the Voigtlander!
michaels Camera

I love Leica!  It's my dream to own one someday.
michaels Camera

Once upon a time, Carl Zeiss used to create cameras.
michaels Camera

The golden collection.
michaels Camera

A golden Nikon.

michaels Camera

A golden Leica.
michaels Camera

Do you want to see a bigger version of the golden Leica?  Here it is!!!

michaels Camera Museum

michaels Camera

The museum consists of some 8000 pieces (there are approximately 2,000 on display), of which about 3000 are cameras ranging from subminiature to 12x15 inches in size. Many of the cameras date back to the late 1880's through to recent times, and include early digital cameras.

The museum also features lenses; movie cameras; movie and still projectors; darkroom equipment, including enlargers; flash equipment; films & plates; advertising material; microscopes; a vast library consisting of reference books, instruction books, photographic magazines & brochures.

If ever you are in Melbourne and very much interested in photography, I highly recommend you to visit this place.  Entrance to the museum is FREE and open to the public.

michaels Camera is a one-stop photography shop.  Their services include film and digital printing, camera repairs and equipment servicing, rental and hire of photography equipment, memory card recovery services, DSLR sensory cleaning and video transfer DVD duplication and file conversion.  They also offer photography and camera classes as part of their media school.

michaels Camera
Cnr Lonsdale and Elizabeth Streets
Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
Phone: (03) 9672 2224
Fax:(03) 9600 0898

Trading Hours:
Monday: 9am - 6pm
Tuesday:9am - 6pm
Wednesday:9am - 6pm
Thursday:9am - 6pm
Friday:9am - 9pm
Saturday:9am - 5pm
Sunday:11am - 5pm