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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today's Weather: Sunny Morning, Gloomy Afternoon

Can I just say I love my iPhone 4s?  Since I've had one, I'm not afraid to forget my camera these days because it just takes good photos.  Good enough to share in my blog.  I'm also finding it easier to blog right away because I just send my photos to my computer and upload it without resizing or editing.

Sydney's weather is crazy these days.  The rain spells last for days and it's cold again.  We officially started Summer on the 1st of December and so far, we've had more days of rain, gloom and cold.  We have brought our thick jackets, scarves and boots out and I'm wearing sweatshirts & pants and the Husband's beannie to bed.  We've experienced cold Decembers before but I think this is the coldest December I've experienced.  

This morning, the sun was shining and the blue skies of Sydney (which I love so much) appeared.  I couldn't resist taking a photo. I was at the front garden of my workplace and this building is actually not part of the compound.  With the gorgeous blue skies and great natural light, I realized this old building looked pretty especially with its detailed chimney.

I'm sure the whole of Sydney appreciated the great weather this morning especially when it became cloudy and gloomy towards the afternoon.  My blue skies were gone too soon!  One look out the window and Sydney is in a canvass of greyish white once more.

As I walked out the office, I looked at this building again and saw a different story to my photograph.  With no light and a backdrop of whiteness, the pretty building turned out dull and daggy.

From a very sunny morning to a rainy, gloomy afternoon.  Unbelievable weather.  Maybe Summer is a bit late.  Others say we will have this kind of weather for the whole duration of Summer (that's sad).  But we'll never know, right?  Whatever the weather may be, I just hope in the end we'd still have enough days of sunshine and blue skies before we meet Autumn once again.

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