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Friday, May 11, 2012

The IKEA Family Card and Dreams of a Kitchen & Textiles

We received our IKEA Family Card yesterday and it's one of the most gorgeous looking cards the Husband and I have encountered.  

Be part of the IKEA Family to avail perks and discounts:
  • Free hot drinks every visit
  • Discounts on selected meals in the IKEA Restaurant
  • Exclusive discounts on lots of products
  • Extended 12-month return policy
  • 10c donated to charity for every swipe
  • Weekly $250 IKEA gift card draw

For more details, please visit IKEA FAMILY and join for free.
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We registered for an IKEA Family Card last month when we took my Mum for a visit.  Everytime she's here, we make sure to drop by IKEA in case she needs something for our home in Manila.  Plus, she also loves food at IKEA.
IKEA with Mum

Breakfast at IKEA is always worth waking up early too. 

Since my Mum and I were sharing meals that morning, I took this opportunity to grab a slice of their Apple Pie.

The Husband had his favourite, Apricot Pastry.

Other than eat, IKEA is a place for dreaming and research.  Even if we don't really need anything at the moment, we look at the designs, showrooms and products.  On our last visit, our we focused on their Kitchen showrooms.  I dream of having a gorgeous but functional kitchen someday and these two showrooms below somehow are in line with my idea of a future kitchen.  I took photos because one day, I might go back to these for reference.
IKEA with Mum
IKEA with Mum

We opened one of the corner cabinets and saw that IKEA makes use of any space available.  You can place a RATIONELL Corner Base Carousel inside your kitchen cabinet so you can store your pots and pans (see photo below).  The great thing about it is you swivel the two shelves for easy access to what you need.  
IKEA with Mum

I dream of owning this book, "Love for Textiles".  Only a few people know that I love textiles.  I never dwell on this interest because I don't have the space and I don't have the time.  For now, I'm grateful for the thought that when I was young, I had my share of exposure to the textile and fashion industry (thanks to my Dad). My love for textiles and fashion will always be a part of me but in the meantime, I heed to my other calling: writing, food and photography.
IKEA -- I want this book someday

It's always hard to leave IKEA empty-handed.  We bought a few items for family in Manila and a few items for our home.
IKEA with Mum
KAVALKAD Frying Pans (sent to the Phils), LEGITIM chopping board, GODTA Green Deep Plate, DINERA Deep Plate (placed underneath the green plate) and STABIL splatter screen.

RATIONELL VARIERA Shelf inserts (for better organization of our pantry), ORDNING Cutlery Stand, GALEJ Tealight Holder, BEVARA Sealing clips (shared them with my Mum & Mother-in-Law), DOKUMENT Pen Cup.