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Friday, July 13, 2012

Beauty Stash: Some of My Favourite Scents & How I Choose Them

I love scents.  If I'm not practical, I'd probably have a collection at home but I moderate in buying them because I don't want scents to expire.  I only keep about a few bottles of perfume that I will use for a year and a half.  I've observed that perfume/cologne smell different and their colours change between a year and a half to two years after opening a bottle. 

I'm currently alternating five bottles of perfume at the moment.  Five being the manageable number for me as some days I get out the door forgetting to spray some on.  Other than perfumes or EDTs, I still wear cologne on some days.  

How I Choose My Scents
My favourite scents are on the sweet side as I discovered during my teenage years that sweet scents work well with my skin chemistry.  I sometimes choose scents with a hint of floral or fruity notes but a sweet note is always a requirement for me. 

Whenever on the lookout for new fragrance, I drop by the shops, smell a bottle or two then choose one to spray on my wrist. From then, I'd take note how it smells on me, how long the scent lingers on my skin, how strong it is, whether people can smell me from afar. I don't like it when people can smell me far afar. I'd like to be seen first than smelled first. I appreciate a heavy scent but one that gives out a charming, dainty vibe.

Currently On My Vanity Kit
The scent that tops my list is the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. This bears a strong, heavy scent which combines fruity and floral scents of orange, peach plum and ylang ylang to name a few. Even if heavy, I sense a powdery scent which makes it feminine. Just two sprays and it will last me from morning 'til night. If I am asked what my signature scent is, this always comes to mind.
Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

My next favourite is the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. For me this is the right balance of a  heavy and sweet scent which also works well with my skin chemistry.
Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

The Nina by Nina Ricci is what I'd call a delicious scent. It's a combination of citrus, floral and fruity scents of lemon, bergamot, mandarin and moonflower plus the sweetness of red toffee apple.
Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

FCUK was something I discovered when the Husband gave me this a few years back.  It changed the way I feel about floral scents (I used to stay away from it) as I learned that some floral scents can have a sweet note too.  This one has a good balance of both floral and sweet scent and again works well with my skin chemistry.
Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear

This is the most floral  and lightest scent I own at the moment.  Calvin Klein's Eternity Moment is light and refreshing, perfect for daytime.
Beauty Stash: Scents I Wear
I've come to realize that the scents I love are of the things I also love like toffee, apple, powder, orange, peach and mostly are food! At least it seems that even in perfumes, my choices are consistent (hahaha).

What are your favourite scents?

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