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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Aussie Life Series: Darling Harbour on a Friday Afternoon

I've been tagging some of my photos #AussieLife in instagram which simply shows life in Australia. I'm celebrating my 7th year of living here next month and it still gives me goosebumps at the realization that I live in Sydney. I love this beautiful city. I love how laidback this country is. Life here is not without heartaches and struggles but I'm always be grateful for the blessing of being here.

It's been awhile since I've had a quiet afternoon at Darling Harbour. It is one of my favourite places in the city. It has immensely changed with the development of the Tumbalong Park and the new dining district Darling Quarter that boosts of several restaurants.

Here are few photos of that lovely afternoon. While things may have progressed in Darling Harbour, the laidback lifestyle still remains.

At Darling Quarter.  This place is a mixture of business and leisure establishments. They made this park for kids and kids-at-heart. They have two tables for those who would like to play table tennis which proves to be a good diversion for professionals during break from work.

At another park of the park in Darling Quarter. People sitting on chairs, relaxing. Some are with friends chatting, some are listening to music or reading quietly.

The Beer O'Clock Crowd. Being a Friday, some people get off work as early as 3:30pm and have a drink with friends. 

Relaxing by the Harbour. This is one of my favourite spots in Sydney. It's just beautiful to sit here and enjoy the lovely little harbour and blue skies.

Blue Harbour. Australia's got the bluest skies you'll ever see. I never get tired of saying that as much as I never get tired of looking at the blue skies here.

The Seagull. He willingly paused so I can take a photo of him. You know the movie "Finding Nemo"? Those birds that kept saying "Mine, mine, mine!" were inspired by the seagulls in Australia. There are tons of them in Sydney and they like eating chips. And sometimes I do imagine them saying "Mine, mine, mine!" when we throw out food to them.

It is normal to see a stroller parked in front of a restaurant. Parents sometimes leave baby strollers in front of restaurants due to space concerns and that's okay.

The Happy Hour Crowd. Happy clicking of beer bottles, wine and cocktail glasses are in full swing as soon the sun sets. 
I hope you enjoyed seeing Sydney in my photographs. Till next time!