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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Dinner with Girlfriends at Saigon Bowl

Started Christmas celebrations on the first week of December. Met up with my girl friends Meds and Charyn for dinner at Saigon Bowl.
Saigon Bowl (is well-known Vietnamese restaurant in Strathfield. Although Strathfield is known as Sydney Metro's biggest Koreatown, they still have other restaurants other Korean restos. Since we've already had dinner at a Korean resto before, we decided to try Saigon Bowl. Thanks to Charyn's recommendation, we had delicious rice meals of beef and pork with Vietnamese flavour.
Their meats are marinated so well it's so tasty and flavourful. The beef and pork are soft and easy to chew.
I had the Pork Chop rice meal and it was good. The breading was thin but crunchy and not too oily.
After dinner, we had coffee and hot chocolate at My Sweet Memory Cafe. As we caught up with stories and plans for the Christmas holidays, we look forward to a blessed year ahead for us all...and more dinner dates and coffee klatches too.

As we leave Koreatown, we saw a big Christmas Tree all lit-up making our night brighter and our hearts warmer. 

Saigon Bowl
3 The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW
Phone: 02 9746 7632