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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Aussie Boxing Day Sales

Boxing Day (26th December) is the favourite day of shoppers in Australia where all retail shops offer great sales to buyers. The sales range from 20%-70% off on all or selected items. The Husband and I look forward to Boxing Day because we really wait out for the prices to go down before we buy anything. When shopping in Australia, the tip is not to buy full price--just wait for the item to go on sale because it will.  

Every year, the Husband and I make a list of things we need, both personal and for the home. From Boxing Day onwards, we have a look at the shops for the prices. If we get good deals, we buy them.

It is always better to have a list. During sales, it's tempting to buy one thing after another because it's on sale. Having a list serves as a guide and reminder that we only buy the things we need. In case we find some thing on sale which was not on the list, we think about it first before buying.

This recent Boxing Day sales our goal was to find a new suitcase for me (my old one is slowly dying with every travel), a set of Corelle plates, Nespresso coffee pod dispenser, work clothes for the Husband, gift wrappers for the next Christmas season and cosmetics for me. 

Since the biggest item on our list was the the suitcase, we went to the Travel Section of Myer first thing in the morning. Before Christmas, we already looked at options and prices so we knew what we were looking for when we got there. I chose a red Antler 72cm suitcase, on sale at 40% off, which cut me back $111.00 (big discount!).
We got what we needed and more! The Nespresso coffee pods dispenser and Corelle dining set at 20% off; Christmas gift wrappers at 50% off.   Maxwell Williams Flower Power Collection, set of 4 mugs, at 50% off (will give to my Parents).
Boxing Day sales extend til the first few weeks of January. We don't buy everything in one go. During one of our lunch dates with friends last week, we had a chance to check out Westfield Parramatta. That's where the Husband found a few shirts at 40%-50% discount.
As for me, I was able to buy a few cosmetics and nail polishes. I usually buy my supply of beauty products at the end of the year and use them for the next 6-12 months (depending on expiry). I do this because it's easier for me to track their validity. Plus, I don't want to bother myself buying them from time to time. The only exception would be when we travel because I shop for cosmetics when overseas. 

I got Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara for $10 and Sally Hansen nail polishes, 3 pieces all for only $10 (A Sally Hansen nail polish cost about $7 each).
We were at Strathfield last weekend and we found a store that has Missha products on sale. I had no plans of buying BB Cream at this time but it was such a great deal. Also, I've one BB Cream tube that's nearly empty so I took this chance to buy a new tube. It was also an opportunity to try a different Missha BB Cream
I visited kikki.K, a stationery and gift shop. Their products has this sweet and dainty designs that women love. I found a book called "Happy" which compiles inspiring quotes and beautiful artworks on happiness. They were on sale at 30% off. The minute I saw them, I instantly thought of my dear friends in Manila so I got them a copy each and bought one for myself too.
Boxing day sales shopping, sorted! The Husband and I are very happy with our discounted purchases.