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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Yam Omocchi Mooncake

Discovered a new mooncake flavour from Casahana for this year's Mooncake Festival...the Yam Omocchi Mooncake. It came in dainty box which holds two mooncakes, the Yam Omocchi and Hazelnut Toffee. We like buying Casahana Mooncakes because of the creative flavours they offer. A cute bonus would be the pretty packaging they're kept in. Their boxes can be used as a storage box or a gift box.
We savoured the deliciousness of the Yam Omocchi on the eve of Mooncake Festival, paired it up with coffee and tea. The Yam Omocchi is a brilliant creation as the mooncake is made of Purple Yam (I love Purple Yam!) while the innards are made of mochi. This mooncake was filling (had to share with the Hubby) and not too sweet. 
I hope Casahana continues making this flavour every year.

Have you encountered any interesting Mooncake flavour this year?