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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Blessed by Three Charmed Women

I was blessed by three beautiful charmed women today.

Chloe, one of the first friends I’ve met here is going back to Sydney---for good! She transferred to Brisbane last year due to work and finally she was able to find work here in Sydney, so yay!!!! I’m really soooo happy about the news. She messaged me yesterday that she will be arriving over the weekend so I called her this morning to confirm the wonderful news. Oh how I’ve missed her. I can’t wait to hang out with her and catch up with stories about our lives. She’s one friend that never forgets and I love her for that.

J is back in Sydney for training so we had lunch together at our favorite Japanese resto in Glebe. It was the usual chitchat about married life and about the things we did in the past, places we’ve been to, just about life—nothing about work. It’s always refreshing to hang out with her, so many things to learn from her. A very charmed woman who has been thru a lot but still very positive about life.

Melissa, our Acting Senior Project Officer for two months, gave a wonderful surprise to the team today. When I arrived from lunch, I found this on my desk…

It was a long-stemmed sunflower! She gave everyone on the team a piece, her way of saying thank you to all of us for working hard under her supervision in delivering our training courses. Her acting position ended yesterday as the new Senior Project Officer arrived today. She’s one of the people I really really like at work because she never forgets to acknowledge you whenever you do something for the team. She’s also the same person that treated everyone to Krispy Kreme doughnuts for Friday afternoon tea. She’s really one sweet appreciative woman.

So what did I do with the sunflower?
Since I didn’t have a flower vase, I took a paper cup from the pantry and put water and voila! My improvised vase hehehe.

Before leaving for work today day, i sent Melissa a thank you email:
Hi Mel,
Thank you for the flower!
It made my day :)
A :)