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Monday, June 1, 2009

All is Well

As planned, my parents went back to Manila last Saturday. To everyone who wished them a safe trip, thank you. Their flight got delayed by 30 minutes but other than that, they arrived home safe and sound. Thank God. :)

As much are there were tears when they departed and we were sad to arrive at a silent home on Saturday afternoon, the Husband and I just focused on the joy that we were able to bring my parents here and that we were able to share our home with them for the past two and a half months. For us, it was a big achievement because other than giving my parents beautiful memories while they were here, we also learned a lot from this experience. We have felt very "grown-up" from the time we prepared for their visit til the time that they had to leave. The experience was such a great gift to all of us.

In behalf of my parents, they would like to say "thank you" to everyone who made their stay in Australia happy and memorable.

And to Mom and Dad, we love you and we miss you always. Thank you for visiting us. Let us just look forward to the day we'll be together again--we hope that won't be too far away.

I'm grateful to everyone who messaged, emailed, texted and called me. I really appreciate all the positive thoughts you have sent me. Maraming maraming salamat! I'm truly touched.