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Monday, September 3, 2007

I got photographed!

This was my first crack at modelling! hehehe. Just kidding :P I was just very fortunate to have talented friends who can make me look 'acceptable' in photos :)

Now about the dog (he's cute!), no I can't mention his name because I don't even know what it is. We were at the park right? The group on the other table brought their cutie little pet dog with them. Fred (our pseudo photoshoot director, naks!) told me to sit on the grass at doon daw ako mag-emote, when all of a sudden, the dog sat infront of me and stayed for a couple of minutes. Yay! I have a lot to thank for for that dog, if not for him, I wouldn't feel comfortable infront of erick's and larry's cameras. So thank you doggie!

Special thanks to Erick and Larry for letting me share the photos on my websites!!!!

More photos here, please click:
Photoshoot at Bicentennial Park

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