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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Updates on Chris and Some Decisions Made

I've been meaning to update you on what's happening in our lives lately but there seemed to be a lot of things going on in our radar these past few weeks. Life is pretty hectic right now and I'm hoping that things will gradually slow down before Christmas.

Anyhow, let me update you on Chris' application. We're happy to inform everyone that Chris passed the interview and the medical check-up with flying colors. As much as I'd like to tell you the nitty-gritty details of how everything happened, Chris has requested not to divulge it yet. Binigay kasi namin yung URL address ng aming mga websites at natatakot kami na kung ikwento namin dito (ngayon) ay baka ma-misinterpret nila etc. As of now, we were advised to wait til the 3rd week of December and if there's no news from the Immigration's end, we are allowed to call them and make a follow-up. Hopefully, there will be a decision made by December as we need that before Chris hands in his resignation.

We have given up the thought of celebrating Christmas, our 1st Anniversary, my 31st birthday and Valentines Day together. I know some of you might get shocked with this news but we have thoughtfully deliberated everything and have decided that Chris will finish his work til February 2008. When we see each other, we'll just make it up and celebrate everything we needed to celebrate. At the end of all this waiting, we know that it'll be worth it.

Some of my friends here in Sydney reacted by saying "ang tagal naman". I know, mga kapatid. Matagal nga kung tutuusin. But there are a lot of considerations and we are not the type of people who will just "eat and run" so to speak. One of the major reason is this: as a way of saying thank you to the company that gave my husband the opportunity to work abroad, he would like to make a "grand" and graceful exit by working on his last office furniture exhibit in Dubai which will happen in the first week of February 2008. And as his partner, I totally agree to his way of saying goodbye to Dubai--with a bang! It'll be a happy good-bye for both him and the company diba?

As for me, of course, I feel a lot of excitement already. I can't wait to see him but just a little more patience and strength and before we know it, we're finally together. At least now, my waiting is full of positive vibes, not like a few months ago when I felt uncertain at times. Now I feel more secure knowing that there's a projected month on when we're gonna see each other.
So konting tiis na lang talaga.

So saan nga ba kami magkikita? Eh di sa mata....hehehehe. Corny!!!

Seriously, the plan is for us to reunite in...Dubai!!! We have decided that I pick him up there (since he's there already) and go around Dubai for a couple of days. And in going back, we'd like to stopover at an Asian country before finally arriving in Sydney (take note: we'd like to but not really sure if this will push thru, depending on the moolah).

So there. Puro plano uli hehehe.

One of the reasons why I'm so busy these days is I'm also working on stuff that I can do now coz I will focus on planning my trip to Dubai and Chris' homecoming in Sydney early next year.
To all our family, relatives and friends, as early as now, we'd like to say a big THANK YOU for all your pangangamusta, support, wishes and prayers. We are deeply touched (to the max and nth power, lahat na!) by all your thoughtfulness. Thank you very much for making us feel that we are loved. Chris was so overwhelmed when he saw a lot of friends commenting on my entry regarding immigration calling him. As you have noticed, he rarely replies to my entries (ginto ang comment nya hehehe) but that one time, that one entry, he replied---touched na touched talaga sya.

Now, we will wait some more and as soon as we hear something, we'll definitely let you know.