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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This Week Is Not My Week

everything seems to be not working...this week is definitely not my week (and the week isn't even over yet!!!). internet server at home is dying on me...i just realized that almost everyday, my internet connection is giving me lots of headache. hence, i haven't been blogging for the past few days. i've ran out of patience. miraculously, the internet is working right now but i'm typing so fast so that just incase i get disconnected again, my entry will be finished and you will read something from me---and you'll know that i'm still alive.

...the phone i use for texting my parents is dysfunctional, can't seem to send messages. bakit? ewan, may load naman.

...monday morning, i wasn't able to use my computer at work because my login and password was expired according to our IT, which drove my boss nuts because that isn't supposed to happen to me because i'm a permanent employee already. good thing, they were able to fix it, pati boss ko uminit ang ulo.

...since yesterday, my phone at work is bogus. everytime somebody rings me up, the call goes to another extension line. que horror!!!! until this afternoon, whatever the admin officer is doing to fix it up ain't working.

...i can't get work done at the office: (1) i've got two new training administrators on the team and my time is mostly spent teaching them on how to do things (i try to look at it as a blessing, at least may taong gagawa ng trabaho kesa naman wala) (2) today was spent attending meetings, tomorrow and friday morning i will attend two more meetings respectively, namumuro ako ng meetings while work is piling up.

...and last, i requested my husband to do something for me last week and until now, he hasn't emailed it me. and i'm not feeling really really good about the delay this time because in my point of view, i've been understanding and patient enough. i'm trying my best to understand him but honestly speaking, i am already angry right now, given the fact that last weekend i already told him my sentiments about how i feel about the situation. before writing this part, i checked my gmail to see if he had sent what i need, and he hasn't. galit na talaga ako. (for me to write it here, talagang galit na ako.)

i can be the most positive, sensible, patient and understanding person. i know what the word "magtiis" means. and i can cope thru hell or rain anytime. but sometimes, with so many not so good things happening around me, i can't help but feel anger. i'm trying my best to be on top of everything, to be calm and not be affected by my emotions. but if i don't let things like this out, i will burst in a very negative way. i am a woman and i hate being taken for granted.