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Friday, November 30, 2007

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

I'm very lazy to go to work today and so I'm rebelliously wearing TSINELAS at work.

Why am I being lazy today?

...because it's my Tito Andy's birthday today

...because my Tito Andy and Tita Bess didn't go to work today

...because they will be preparing for tonight's big party at home

...because I know its a holiday in the Phils today (magka-bday si Tito Andy at si Tito Andres Bonifacio)


I could've gone into another day off but I decided not to because I'm getting used to working only 4 days a week which is not good. Plus the fact that I'm saving my 2 days-off for the Christmas holidays, because Nicky will be here and I want us to hang out.

Story for the Day: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Yesterday I found how lucky I am with my job. My boss and I had a short meeting because there's a lot of changes and moving going on in our branch. He mentioned that I'm lucky to get the position I got because some of the positions in the branch were only temporary. It was only yesterday that I've learned what the word "permanent" in a government office really means. It means, that position is mine not unless I official move or resign. It means that position is mine even if I take on another role (they call it secondment). That position is mine as long as I'm able to do my job.

I realized now that it was really worth the wait. A lot of people told me that I should just find another job. Some even told me "ang tagal-tagal mo na dyan, temp ka pa lang hanggang ngayon?" That hurt a lot. As if they have a right to tell me what's right or wrong when they don't even know what else I've been thru just to stay in my temporary job. Buti na lang I stood my ground. Buti na lang good things come to those who wait. Buti na lang mabait si Jesus.

Yun lang.

Okay, gotta work.

Have a great weekend everyone!