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Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday Round-up

Everyday I never forget that I'm blessed. Of course, I do have problems and my life isn't perfect but that is reality, that is life per se. But time and time again, I'm reminded that I may not have everything I want in life, but the one up there surely gives me what is enough to make me feel loved and blessed. And he has reminded me this lots of time during the course of my birthday celebrations.

Imagine having a weeklong birthday celebration? Imagine having so many people greet me via phone, email, SMS, Friendster, Blogspot, Multiply? Imagine receiving gifts from the husband, parents, relatives and friends?

My birthday may have been incomplete, but someone up there is always making sure that I have a lot to thank for in my here and now.

With my birthday week over, I just had one final gift to myself---and that is a day-off .

So last Saturday, I went off to the mall and had some Me time. I kinda missed myself you know? hehehehe. I haven't been having day-offs lately coz I'm saving them up for later travel.

And so I went and did a couple of errands, went around looking at stuff. As a birthday gift to myself, I got me a DVD of The Lake House and The Notebook. I only wanted The Lake House actually but it was part of the 2 DVD collection thingy and it was on sale, so why not?

Then, I celebrated my last birthday hurrah at Starbucks with a cup of my favorite Americano...

and by watching a movie!

My day was perfect!!!! The movie was very funny and romantic and not so was the perfect anniversary movie (even if husband is away) as it made me remember my own wedding day. If you haven't seen this film, I suggest you watch it.

Here's a little tip for you: Never ever forget to give a gift for yourself on your birthday--it could be anything cheap or extravagant, it could be some time alone, it could be something you've been wanting to do, it could be something you haven't done before--it doesn't matter what. What's important is that you are able to make yourself feel that you are loved by you and that you are blessed. Love deserve it!