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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Real Cake From The Husband

Surprise! Surprise! I got a delivery today at the office...

I was totally wondering, "Who would send me a package????" And when I opened the card, it was the most surprising thing...

and when I opened the box....

WOW!!!!! A real cake from the Husband!!! =) =) =)

On my way home, I called Hubby to say thanks and asked him why he had to send a cake to me a day after my birthday...and he answered "Kasi wala ka palang cake kahapon eh, kawawa ka naman" (Because you didn't have a cake yesterday).

Here's a little story about me (para may backgrounder lang kayo), I'm a CAKE person. When I was a kid, whenever my parents asked me what I want as pasalubong, you would never hear me say "chocolate", "toy" or "junk foods". Iba ang trip ko. I would always say "I want cake mommy". Que horror na bata! Magastos! hehehe. But since I'm the only apple of my parent's eyes, they would bring home a cake and that will be my meryenda at home. And during my birthdays, my parents made sure that I have a cake...I even have a collection of photos of me blowing the candles on my birthday cake, kinumpleto yan ng nanay ko.

One time, on my 28th year, I had a small intimate birthday party at Dencio's Megamall and my parents forgot to buy a cake. The following week, I told my EWBC Officemates that I was kinda sad because my parents forgot to buy me a cake, so what they did was surprised me with a big chocolate cake when I treated them to lunch. The celebration was taped on video and when my mom watched it, one of my friends mentioned "ayan we bought you a cake because your parents forgot". My mom was soooo sorry after that and vowed never to forget to buy me a cake especially on my birthday.

But since my parents are not here with me, I kept quiet about my desire to have a birthday cake, I can't impose it on my relatives to buy me one. But I told Chris last night that I didn't blow any candles and I wasn't able to "officially" make a wish because no one gave me a cake yesterday. So ayan, pinadalhan ako ng asawa ko ng cake.

Thank you very much Chris!!!! Look at everyone in the photo, we were all enjoying the cake you sent me. =)

Now if I were to give you a tip on how you will know if you've found the one, this is one thing I will tell you: If that someone loves and cares for you like your parents, if that one person thinks of your welfare the way your parents think and want only the best for you---then he's the one! Now I know why my parents love Chris and would happily give me away to him when he asked for my hand, it's because they know that however they took care of me, that's how Chris will also take care of me. They know that Chris will love me the way they do, even in the smallest detail of getting me a cake for my birthday. Amazing no? Parents really know best.