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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Do You Believe In Signs?

I do. Not because I'm a hopeless romantic (because I'm not), but I simply believe that signs come from someone up there who conspires with the whole universe to make things happen. And more often than not, before whatever ultimate thing happens, there are signs that lead you to it.

For the past eight months and 18 days, I have been looking for signs (and maybe answers) as to when my husband and I will be together and as to what we have to prepare so that we can be together. As far as I know, we have done every little and big thing that needs to be done. Everytime some idea comes up, we'd always ask "Baka we need to do this first bago tayo magsama?". And we'd do it as we have always been proactive about things. At the same time, I thought our ideas were signs from the universe.

When February crept in, another idea came up to me and I told Chris "For months, all we ever get ready for is your coming here but now I think we also need to be ready to wait some more." That was my moment of ultimate let go and surrender.

Last Thursday, as mentioned on my previous entry, I was tricked into going out on Vday. For some reason I found a sign during my dinner with my friends. We were seated at Table #20 (when we were ushered in, I immediately said, "Ara, anniv namin Chris") and while Ara and I were talking about Chris' visa application I noticed a spectrum of colorful light on our table---a rainbow!

I saw the sign!!!!

It was a sign and I felt it. I really felt very happy seeing that rainbow shining on our table. And before our dinner ended, I uttered the words to my friends "Thank you Lord, you haven't given it yet, but I know you will give it soon."

The following day at work, I had this innate sense that I have to get things organized because I'm going to be on leave soon. I felt that certain urge to get as much stuff done coz I have a feeling that a big change will happen.

Friday morning, there was another sign. My Australian Citizenship exam got moved to an earlier date. Original date was March 27, too long a wait and might interfere with our travel plans. Good thing my friend Chloe emailed me telling me to call Citizenship Office ASAP coz apparently there are slots for March 1. And I did call and guess what? I got moved to March 1!!!! Yay!

Friday night, I told Chris the good news. Since feel ko na talaga na malapit na kaming magkita, nag-discuss na kami ng list of itineraries namin. Before we hung up, I told Chris "Malapit na tayong magkita" (We will see each other soon). At ang effect eh parang nagpo-prophesized ako hahaha.

At 5:56pm today, Chris called. Ganito ang dialogue:

C: Are you online?
I: No, why?
C: May email akong pinadala sayo, open mo.
I: Okay, eto na...nag-online na ako...ano ba to? Shyet! Good news ba to?
C: Basta buksan mo dali.
I: Shyet, kinakabahan naman ako. (Pag kinakabahan ako I seem to say "sheyt" a lot!)

...after a few minutes, when I opened Chris' email, the sweetest eight-letter word I've ever read:


Oh ha?????? Buti na lang malakas ang pakiramdam ko!!!! Buti na lang, my mind and heart were able to see the signs!

I cried tears of joy when I read the email. The happiness and excitement was overwhelming. When I told my relatives about the good news, I was still teary-eyed. When I called my parents, I was fighting the tears, naiiyak pa rin ako after an hour and a half.

Finally, finally, FINALLY my husband's coming home.

Thank you:

  • Kay God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Mama Mary, Papa Joseph, Sta. Clara, St. Jude, Lord of Pardon, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Our Lady of Manaog---yes, silang lahat dinasalan naming mag-asawa at ng mga nanay namin.
  • Our Parents and Relatives - for their prayers and support at sa walang sawang pakikinig sa mga "waiting" dilemmas namin.
  • Our Friends--you know who you are: sa paga-analyze kung ano na ang ginagawa ng immigration sa papers ni Chris, sa pakikinig sa mga emote ko, for praying for us, for cheering on us and for simply being there for us---kayo ang mga cheerleaders ko!
  • Our Online Buddies: we never thought we'd have so much support from special people whom we've only met thru the blogosphere, thank you for your sincerity and words of encouragement.

What Now?

The focus is for Chris to make a graceful exit from work and for me to just get our travel plans and his coming here firmed up. No final dates yet on when we will see each other (we'll be working on it in the coming days) but we're looking at possibly reuniting four to six weeks from now.

If you turn it over to the Universe, you will be surprised and dazzled by what is delivered to you. This is where magic and miracles happen.

- Dr. Joe Vitale (The Secret)