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Saturday, February 9, 2008


I just had a bad dream. I dreamt I was in my High School Reunion and for some reason, I was tasked to be the photographer of the class. The good part of the dream was I saw everyone's faces clearly as if I just saw them yesterday. The bad part was after the pictorial, all my photos were blah :( I was nearly in tears but I woke up (I usually wake up when my dreams turn into something bad).

Now I know what this is about. I'm totally having guilt feelings about photography lately because I haven't touched a camera for two weeks. Yep, two weeks. What's to blame? (not that I need blaming):

  • the rain that never seem to stop falling for the past couple days here in Sydney
  • books that need reading because things may happen very quickly in the nearest (!) future so I need to be ready any minute
  • during weekends I spend most of my time studying for the citizenship exam
  • sometimes I'm just too lazy or too tired to get up and shoot

Oh well, hopefully the sun shines a bit today or tomorrow and I'll probably do some wandering with my camera.