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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Relationships Meme

1. Are you serious when it comes to relationships?
- on a certain extent yes.

2. Are you afraid of commitment?
- yes, i am---i was never fond of commitment of all forms may it be to family, friends or work...but once i'm in, i'm loyal and i never turn my back on them.

3. Are you a risk taker?
- generally speaking yes

4. What can you say about long distance relationships?
two things i'd have to say:
(1) long distance relationships are only for the strong hearted. if you think you can't do it, let it go. if you've tried it and it doesn't work, let it go.

(2) it's up to the couple to make life a little bit easier for each other while they're apart. if the long distance relationship is bringing out the worst of both parties, let it go---it's not worth it.

5. Can you love a person who doesn't love you?
- i loved someone who didn't love me back and all it did was bled me dry and i kinda lost
my self-esteem along the way too. after that, no way, i'd rather be alone
than be with someone who doesn't give a damn about me.

6. How can you say that a person loves you?
- when he brings out the best in me and tries his best not to hurt me.

7. Are you good in handling relationships?
- with my last boyfriend (who is now my husband) i think i became good at handling relationships

8. Willing to give everything?
- in a logical sense yes

9. Best thing you have learned from loving?
- that love should start from you--love yourself first...then the rest will follow. you don't give up what is important to you in the hopes that a guy will love you--you just don't! if you love yourself, you will find someone who has the same values as you.

10. Do you demand your loved one to change into someone you like to?
- no

11. Would you let go of someone you love?
- yes, love lets go.

12. Is sex important in a relationship?
- yes, i believe a couple should also be sexually compatible

13. What is the major reason of a break up?
- loss of respect from either one of the parties involved

14. Most important ingredient/s in a relationship?
- sense of humour, appreciation of even the smallest of things, friendship, teamwork

15. Ever regret loving someone?
- no, everyone i've loved will always be considered a friend.

16. One thing you hate about love?
- that sometimes it blinds you

17. One thing you like about love?
- that it inspires you, that it brings out the best in you

18. Worst thing you did to a loved one?
- hurt them??? i know i'm vague but i haven't really done anything catastrophic to hurt someone so bad.

19. Are you in love?
- yes

20. What do you feel right now?
- happy and inspired

21. Do you flirt?
- of course, but only to my man

22. Cheated/have been cheated on?
- yes to both questions hahaha

23. Does the person you love knows you love him?
- yes, he knows very much how much he means to me

24. Have you been caught red handed?
- no, i'm smart hehehe

25. What attracts you most?
- on physical attributes, it's always the man's eyes that gets my attention. but as a whole, i'm usually taken with someone who's fascinatingly fun, smart and creative.

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