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Friday, June 6, 2008

Flu Shots, Blood Tests and Coffee Dates

Took the day-off today and the focus of our itinerary was a trip to the doctor and do some monthly groceries---yes, the married life!

Chris and I had our flu shots in preparation for the Winter season. It it weren't for Chris' first time experiencing Winter, I wouldn't be interested in getting a flu vaccine. For the past two winters I've been here, I haven't had one. However, I feel it would be very irresponsible of me if something bad happens to Chris this Winter knowing that I had a chance of preventing him getting sick.

After our flu shots, I had a sample (lots of sample actually) of my blood taken for tests. It's really no biggie family and friends, it's just a pre-pregnancy procedure (there you have it folks, I said the magic word "pregnancy") per advise of the doctor. The blood test would determine if I would need shots of Rubella, Hepa A & B, Measles, Chickenpox...there was a fifth one---I can't remember. Anyway, the point is, if needs be, these vaccines will be given to me so that when I conceived a baby, I wouldn't get any illness/es that might affect the baby inside me.

It was that simple really but a few weeks ago, I was rationalizing whether to follow the doctor's advise. I kept on thinking that during my parents' time, wala namang masyadong chuva pagdating sa pag-aanak and I turned out just fine. However, I realized that being a Wife (and hopefully a Soon-to-be-Mom) is all about being responsible. I can never forgive myself if something happens to my future baby if I don't follow the doctor's advise. It will forever be in my conscience knowing that I have been told of future consequences.

After all that's been done, off we went to the shops to have my haircut, groceries and lunch. Before we went home, we had a quiet hour at Starbucks just talking of future plans. Our final stop for coffee (or dessert) everytime we go out has been a staple in every date we have (a ritual that started back home in the Phils). Even if we're together everyday at home, we still feel that our coffee dates is our time to re-connect, a time to stop for awhile and talk of things we forget to talk about in our everyday routines. With such coffee dates, we go home feeling happier.