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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Starbucks Blacktown Closing Tonight

There goes my "supposedly" last coffee date at Starbucks Blacktown this weekend...

I dropped by Westpoint today to double check when's Starbucks' last day and as it turned out, it was today. The news only came out last Tuesday saying that stores will close by 3 August, so hubby and I planned to dropped by Blacktown this Saturday to have one last cup of coffee from one of the my most favorite Starbucks branches.

That's why there were so many people when I arrived....

....everyone seemed to want to have one last cup from this branch. I didn't buy myself a cup of cofffe though coz I needed to head home.

I'm becoming sentimental I know. But this branch had been home to me since I migrated here. This is one of those places where I usually hang out by my lonesome just to enjoy a cup of coffee while writing notes in my journal or writing letters for loved ones. This was where I usually have coffee after my grocery-shopping or trip from the salon. This was where I drank coffee while I text my ex-bf/husband how much I miss him during our long distance relationship. So many good memories.

Goodbye Starbucks Blacktown...hope to see you again. You will surely be missed.