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Monday, September 8, 2008

Kolokoys Get-Together: Father's Day and Chris' Pre-Bday Party

6 September 2008, Rendon's Place

We were supposed to have a picnic at Stanwell Park but we had to cancel and just stay indoors last Saturday.

First things first: the barkada has a name---KOLOKOYS, thanks to Gary, who made a yahoogroup address for all of us and named us that. ;) I love it because it sounded happy, naughty and fun...just the way we are.

And oh how we love celebrations. This weekend, we celebrated Father's Day in honour of Daddy Gary and Daddy Richard.

Gary is daddy to Jiona while Richard is daddy to soon-to-be born Baby Girl Gerardo (who is still inside Mommy Rache's womb).

We also celebrated Chris' birthday in advanced and we finally got to wear our party hats!!!

It's Chris' first birthday here in Sydney and I would like him to feel really really special by making sure he gets to celebrate his birthday with our friends.

Hilda and Evan made it! Hilda was sick since Thursday but we're so happy to see her when she arrived well into lunch.

Finally, a complete KOLOKOYS group photo.

Celebrations with KOLOKOYS wouldn't be complete without yummy food. Here's what was on the menu:

My Impromptu Adobo. Hilda was supposed to cook Adobo but since she called in sick, I cooked Adobo at the Rendon's Place (we were there early). I haven't cooked Adobo in a looonggg while, it's my mother's specialty so I seldom cook it in our Taytay home, but for the love of our tummys, I had to cook it. The Kolokoys liked it though it wasn't perfect, so thank God! :) Will definitely cook it more often now especially that I miss my mom's Adobo.

I also baked Chicken Meatballs.

Rache's Itlog na Maalat.

Our desserts...Krispy Kreme c/o Ara.

and of course Chris' birthday cake.

Drinks and wine c/o the Redublas and Rendons. Hilda and Evan bought Chicken Asado. No more photos, I was busy eating and drinking hehehe.

Thanks to Tom and Ara for accommodating the group's "gatecrashing"--instant party inside the house hehehe. And thanks everyone for the great company and for making Chris' advanced birthday party special. See yah all when the Redublas are back from Manila (Happy trip guys, pasalubong namin ha? hehe).

One of cutest gifts that Chris received for his birthday...he was awarded the most amazing smile of this lovely little girl.