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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last Thursday at Hurricane's Grill and Lindt Cafe

Sometimes I feel like my weekend starts on Thursdays because I start seeing friends or go out after work on the second to the last day of the work week. Makes me feel like I have a short week even if I still have to go to work on Friday.

Last Thursday was our after-work-hangout-in-the-city with Jackie and Teena with their spouses Jojo and Louie respectively. We had dinner at Hurricane's Grill at Darling Harbour. Hurricane's has the best tasting ribs in town!

Chris and I shared an order of Pork Ribs and Steak with a siding of Rice with Rosemary and Chips. The ribs are to-die-for but the steak was so-so (get the Mushroom Sauce so it would taste a bit better). I would definitely come back here for the ribs. Oh and I like their service, very accommodating even if we forgot to make a reservation (for some reason, we just forgot to call the restaurant!).

After dinner, we had dessert at Lindt Cafe. We all shared a waffle with ice cream and a sundae.

The sundae was our choice of three ice cream flavors for a hefty AUD$8.00. We thought it would look like the usual Banana Split but it didn't. The serving was small. Lindt has always been pricey compared to other cafes but it is always worth your money.

It was Chris' first time at Lindt!

This was Chris' first Hot Chocolate at Lindt.

We all left the city happy, full from all the food we ate and looking forward to our next get-together.