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Friday, December 26, 2008

Max Brenner at Blacktown!

Max Brenner in Blacktown!!! :)

The chocolate by the bald man is here!!!!! In Blacktown that is. ;)

Boxing day today in Aussieland so Chris and I went to Westpoint to look at sales.

Boxing day is related to giving and opening of gifts, celebrated day after Christmas day and is a public holiday in Australia. It is also a day for shops to start their year-end clearance sale so most purchases are about 50-90%off. This is the best time to shop!!!

The stuff we bought today were bedsheets, quilt covers and throw pillows to match our sofa bed in the living area. Stuff that are quite expensive when bought in normal prices.

Since we left home late, we also had lunch very very late. So instead of having the usual kind of lunch, not to mention that we saw that Max Brenner's already open, we had belgian waffles for "lunch" at 4pm.

I also had Toffee Milk Frappe.

I told husband I finally have a place to hang out again (because the Starbucks branch in Blacktown closed). Yay!